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Meet David


Hello, I’m David Bethune.

Welcome to Mimix, a new way to read, write, learn, and teach.

I grew up in the early days of home computers and have been programming since I was nine years old. At 19, I was a mainframe programmer at IBM and fixed bugs in the language compilers used to write large, secure systems like ATM networks and credit cards. Since my teenage years, I’ve enjoyed teaching computer technologies and found myself teaching early windows interfaces to IBM old-timers, too.

Along the way, I’ve often needed to research, write, or share what I’ve learned with others, but the tools available to me were never up to the task. Mimix is proposed as a better way to solve these problems, inspired by the efforts of many important pioneers in computer science.

Thank you in advance for your interest. I look forward to hearing from you!

— D

How would you like to contribute? Email me!