ICOs & Altcoins


Once you understand Bitcoin, you can see why altcoins have come to market. Many are launched with a new and risky public funding strategy, the Initial Coin Offering or ICO. In this series, you’ll learn how to research and evaluate ICOs and altcoins so that you can decide how they best fit into your investing and business strategy.

  • 2 One-Hour Sessions
  • Available Monday-Saturday
  • Learn from Anywhere
  • Computer Required
  • Cellphone Recommended
  • Description

    Product Description

    Navigate the world of ICOs and altcoins with a live professor, on your schedule. 

    Hosted by tech educator and entrepreneur David Bethune.

    Here’s what you’ll take away from these two, one-hour sessions.

    Part 1: Evaluating Altcoins

    1. The New Wild West
    2. Currencies vs. Business Opportunities
    3. Finding Coins
    4. Avoiding Website Jargon
    5. Reading the Whitepaper
    6. Evaluating the Team
    7. Understanding Governance
    8. Examining Founder Rewards
    9. Listening to the Community
    10. Analyzing Prices
    11. HODLing and Day Trading

    Part 2: Initial Coin Offerings

    1. The ICO Model
    2. KYC & Accredited Investors
    3. Pump & Dump Schemes
    4. Notable ICOs
    5. Notable Altcoins
    6. Understanding Forks
    7. Why Coins Fork
    8. Notable Forks
    9. The 51% Attack

    Have questions? Email david@coincollege.io for answers!

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