Trading & Investing


Go beyond the basics and make Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies work for you. In this personalized class, you’ll come to understand the landscape of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency trading and discover the key factors that affect coin prices. Working one-on-one with a live professor, you’ll explore the resources you need to chart your own investment and trading strategy.

  • Description

    Product Description

    Learn to trade and invest in cryptocurrencies with a live professor, on your schedule. 

    Hosted by tech educator and entrepreneur David Bethune.

    Here’s what you’ll learn in this 2 hour session.

    Part 1: Basics of Crypto Trading

    1. Three Types of Coins
    2. Finding Coin Values
    3. Three Kinds of Exchanges
    4. Trading on an Instant Exchange
    5. Trading on the Exchange Floor


    Part 2: Strategies, Tools, & Resources

    1. HODL
    2. Day Trading
    3. Pricing & Charting Tools
    4. Portfolio Tools
    5. News Sources
    6. Mobile Wallets

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