Intro to Bitcoin


Get the background you need to explore and evaluate cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Working one-on-one with a live professor, you’ll create a wallet with a small amount of bitcoin that’s yours to keep. You’ll practice securely sending and receiving bitcoin and learn to buy or sell it for US dollars.

  • Description

    Product Description

    Learn the basics of Bitcoin with a live professor, on your schedule. 

    Hosted by tech educator and entrepreneur David Bethune.

    Here’s what we’ll cover in this 2 hour session.

    Part 1: The New World of Digital Money

    1. Problems Solved by Bitcoin
    2. Problems Created by Bitcoin
    3. Problems Common to All Currencies
    4. What is the Blockchain?
    5. How is the Blockchain Maintained?
    6. How Transactions are Created
    7. How Transactions are Verified
    8. How Bitcoin is Secured
    9. How Bitcoins are Created

    Part 2: Getting Started with Bitcoin

    1. Using a Wallet
    2. Five Types of Wallets
    3. Securing Your Wallet
    4. Exploring the Blockchain
    5. Receiving Money
    6. Sending Money
    7. Buying and Selling Fiat

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